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5 Winter Superfoods You Might Be Missing!

When you think of produce and super foods, you likely think of summer and fall harvests—but winter has some pretty awesome fruits and veggies that pack a lot of nutrition. Below you’ll find five tasty, must-try super foods!


Along with summer, winter is prime avocado season. The most popular and well-known variety is Hass, but keep an eye out for Bacon and Fuerte. These two varieties come from Mexico, have smooth skin, are slightly lighter green and are lower in fat. As far as superfood qualities, avocados are rich in healthy fats (which contribute to healthy cholesterol levels and vitamin absorption), and deliver vitamins A, D, E and K.


This fascinating red fruit’s season runs late September to January, and last a surprising long time once you’ve brought them home (up to two months in the fridge!). Tangy and sweet, these little red jewels are excellent sources of potassium and vitamin C.


Cauliflower is all the rage these days—and with good cause! This typically inexpensive veggie is easy to find, offers up lots of vitamin K and is part of the cancer-fighting group of cruciferous veggies. One of the big reasons it’s so popular: It’s a healthy substitute for starch!


Pronouced “hee-ka-ma,” Jicama is a root vegetable and is a popular around the world. Slightly nutty and crisp in texture, jicama is a great low-calorie food that packs a lot of nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. It’s a perfect veggie to toss onto a salad, or simply serve it raw with a little bit of lemon or lime!


It’s not as boring as you think, we promise! Cabbage is actually quite versatile and when cooked right, it is a delicious addition to any meal. It’s super food powers are numerous: Filled with fiber, cabbage can also help to lower cholesterol and is an excellent resource of the anti-carcinogenic compounds, glucosinolates.

Yum, Excellent super foods!!!

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