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Chiropractic Care as a Treatment for Sciatica!

What is sciatica? Your sciatic nerve is about the size of a broom handle and runs  down the back of your leg. It starts by exiting out of your lower back where it is called your lumbar plexus, then the nerves of your lumbar plexus join together, form one big nerve and travel along the back of your leg as your sciatic nerve until they branch behind your knee.

How do you know sciatica is a problem for you? Do you have burning along the back of your thigh or does the back of your thigh cramp? When I have sciatica and need a chiropractic adjustment, it feels like a small rodentl is chewing on my hamstring and won’t stop. I get it mostly when I sit too much.  It is awful and if you have ever had it, you would do anything to make it stop.

When is chiropractic care is the right choice for sciatica? Have you had low back pain before the sciatica began? Have you had an injured your lower back? Is your back stiff on a regular basis? If you answered yes to these questions, your spine is probably the place your sciatica began and you should be checked by a chiropractor to see if you can get relief.

If your spine is not as mobile as it was designed to be and different segments of your spine are stuck together, it will irritate the nerves that exit from between the vertebral segments. Sciatica can happen as a result. Misalignments of your spine or poor mobility patterns are exactly why chiropractors adjust the spine and have so much success with lower back pain as well as conditions such as sciatica and others that originate in your spine.

An aggressive case of sciatica will have you begging for relief. In my chiropractic office, we recommend a series of chiropractic adjustments, foam rolling and core exercises to improve the health of your spine and lessen your sciatica symptoms. Call us today…..(724)776-4855

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