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Chiropractic or Massage!

My patients often ask whether I think chiropractic or massage would be the most helpful for them.  I usually recommend a combination. Muscles attach to bones and they get tight or contracted because they are controlled by nerves that are irritated.  If bones don’t move, the muscles will have no reason to lengthen. When the irritated nerve is constantly telling the muscle to contract it never loosens up.  When faced with the question “should I get a massage or a chiropractic adjustment” the answer is clearly to see a chiropractor for an adjustment.  If you are receiving regular chiropractic care and your spine is moving how it should, massage is a great addition. Are your bones are moving properly?  Can you look at the ceiling comfortably?  Can you sit up with good posture at your desk effortlessly or do you feel yourself falling forward as the day goes on?  When you try to look at your blind spot while driving, do you have to rely on your mirrors because your neck is too stiff?  When you turn your neck do your shoulders turn with it?  When relaxing your shoulder blades back and down, is it comfortable or are your shoulders typically contracted up next to your ears?  If you answered yes to  any of these questions, your problem is stemming from an issue with your skeleton and chiropractic would be the best choice for you. Often back or neck pain is related to nerves.  Do you have tingling in your finger tips or feet?  Do you ever have referred pain down an arm or leg?  Does it seem when you bend over if your back will give out or you won’t be able to stand up?  Do your fingers or toes numb?  Any of these things point toward an issue with your nerves and your problem needs chiropractic attention. Massage is a great thing.  It stimulates healing, improves blood flow, just the simple act of someone touching you is relaxing.  Does it a cure for back problems?  No.  Typically the reason your muscles are too contracted is much deeper and more complex than a simple muscle issue.  It often relates to poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle where you are spending too much time in a seated position during the day and then not getting enough exercise when you are done with work. Should you choose chiropractic or massage?  Try chiropractic first to get your spine moving better on a more consistent basis and then supplement that work with massage.  They work very well together.  Also make sure you are following a regular exercise and activity program.      Call us today….. (724)776-4855

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