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Does Your IT Band Hurt From Running!

Many runners’ develop IT Band Pain.  First, the IT Band starts in your pelvis along your iliac crest.  It is very common to end up with big knots along that area and also lower in the side of your leg that cause the IT Band to contract and shorten. When the IT Band becomes scarred and shortened, you often feel pain in your hip, knee and lower back.

I have three tips for you that every good chiropractor should give you. First, get your spinal alignment checked. If your spine and pelvis don’t move properly it will cause altered movement patterns that result in muscle imbalances. This will cause undue wear and tear on your joints.  This will increase the likelihood of IT Band syndrome developing.

Secondly, core strength!  All the usual core strength recommendations: planks, side planks, crunches, these are all important. Runners need to do them regularly. Notice while you are running that your core is contracted, solid and strong. Make sure your hips aren’t bouncing to the sides too much or unequally to one side or another.

Third, Use your foam roller. Lie on your side, find a knot, relax into the knot. If this hurts, you are doing it right. For your IT band syndrome to feel better, you must break up those adhesions. Spend 10 minutes on your foam roller every single day.

Fourth, visit a shoe store and get a shoe evaluation done by a runner. There are so many shoes out there designed to make running fun and more comfortable. Buying the proper shoes and avoiding pain for the next several days after running is worth any price.   Call Today…..(724)776-4855

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