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Don't hurt your back shoveling the snow!

Today seems like a great day for some tips on shoveling snow and avoiding hurting your back.  There are a couple tips I have that will help you if you continue to ignore my advice on plow services being less expensive than chiropractors.

#1 Let the machine do the work as much as possible to avoiding back pain from shoveling snow. Unless you are one of my fitness fanatics, don’t lift thousands of pounds of snow. If you refuse to hire a plow service, at least get a snow blower. If you don’t want to spend the money, go on There are plenty of former home owners that have gotten sick of waking up at 5 am after a snow storm and have relocated to condos where they don’t need these anymore. They will be happy to get it out of their garage at a discount.

#2- If you have to shovel.  Using a battery operated leaf blower for the light snows is much easier. Also, again, if you have to shovel something heavier, make sure you get a shovel with a bend in it and take small scoops and lift with your knees.  Also move your feet versus rotate your back with a big load of snow on the shovel.

#3 Chiropractic can help your back more when pain is minimal. Preventative maintenance in the form of an adjustment before and immediately after a big snow is a lot better than when your back is in full spasm.

#4 On top of all of these tips, you will injure your back less when your core muscles are strong and your spinal muscles are strong.  If you are not at your healthy weight and fitness level, time to get there.  Whether you are a gym person or an outdoor lover, there are plenty of options so that you don’t really have a legitimate excuse.

Please share this article with your friends and family. Injuries and pain from snow shoveling should be addressed right away.  Many people procrastinate and wait for the problems to get really set in before they deal with them.  Don’t let yourself have three months of back pain before you decide to get help.

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