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Electronic Devices and Back Pain!!!

Overuse of electronic devices can cause back pain. I find it rare to not be tempted by my devices  The more I use them, the more my back hurts.  I can’t quite imagine what it must be like for the gamers of this world and desk jockeys who find not only their work but hobbies revolving around their screens.

The number one key to avoiding back pain caused by your devices is to take frequent breaks.  In a perfect world, you should only stare at a screen for a maximum of 20 minutes before you move around and do something else.  While this might not be realistic during the work day, do your best to take breaks and make sure to follow this rule at home.

My number two tip for avoiding stiffness caused by electronic devices is to get out in the middle of the day and be active.  Leave the office to get lunch, walk or take time for a workout.  Taking a break from sitting down is critical.  It helps your body feel better, helps you manage your stress and gives you breaks in your day to allow your mind to be creative.

As for specific device tips, if you are typing emails on ipads, keep them short and don’t use your hands as you would a regular keyboard.  The hunt and peck method would make your typing teacher cringe but your wrists and elbows will be happier.  If you spend a lot of time reading on your kindle, you will also feel better if you turn it horizontally and put it in landscape mode.  If you love reading and it is your main hobby, I would encourage you to get the giant kindle versus the small model.  It’s easier to hang on to, will strain your elbows and wrists less and is easier to prop up against something to see from a distance.  When it comes to smart phones, I would suggest evaluating how much time you spend looking down at it and if its really that important that it can’t wait until you get to your computer.  Don’t read long documents on your smart phone, don’t respond to long emails, and limit your gaming time.

Please remember that when you are using your devices, you aren’t interacting with other human beings.  Don’t let your devices come between you and the people in your life that you love.  On top of that, they are also keeping you from being active and healthy.  It’s tough to get exercise if you won’t pry yourself away from the screen.

If you find yourself with neck pain, headaches or tingling hands, you probably have nerves that are getting irritated.  Call us today……(724)776-4855

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