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How often should I go to the chiropractor!

I am frequently asked by my new patients ” how often should I get adjusted?”  I typically answer back, “it depends on your goals”. Have you injured yourself by bending over in the shower only to have your back go out on you and now you can’t stand up straight?  Is your concern only how to fix today’s spasm?  Every one wants to feel better fast.  Often feeling better is simple if you start chiropractic adjustments.  After your first adjustment you should feel less pinching and more range of motion.  The pain will  often still be there in a milder form. Usually someone’s spinal problems did not occur the same day they hurt themselves.  The patient tends to have a history of one and off pain over many years and whether they have started to have constant annoying and nagging pain or sharp, extreme and shooting pain is due to wear and tear that finally surpassed your body’s ability to heal or compensate.Healing takes time!  To heal, you also have to be honest about what caused the problem in the first place.  Have you stopped exercising?  Have you gained weight over the last five years?  Have you always been carrying too much weight on your frame causing accelerated aging to your joints?  If your goal is to simply rid yourself of the pain that was brought on by this one incident, it won’t take long to heal.  Often you will need to be adjusted 2-3 times per week for a couple weeks to begin feeling better.  If you want to address your underlying concerns that have caused you to have a constant level of stiffness before your big injury or if you want chiropractic care to change your posture or your underlying mechanical dysfunction, we are talking about a much longer process.  That is a process that really does require 2-3 months of very regular adjustments. Once you are out of pain or have finished a series of consistent corrective adjustments, you would be smart to be adjusted regularly.  What do I consider regular?  I am adjusted by my own chiropractor every week.  I am very athletic and want to stay that way as I reach my 40’s.  Getting adjusted regularly keeps little concerns from becoming big concerns.  For my patients, especially the ones who sit at desks all day, I recommend that they maintain their adjustment schedule every week or two.   Your chiropractor will be able to tell you what is the right schedule for you!     In Pain, We Can Help…..(724)776-4855


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