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Meet Dr. Clifton (“Kip”) Siess

Cranberry Twp Chiropractor Dr. Clifton Siess

Dr. Clifton Siess
(Everyone here calls him “Dr. Kip”)

When he was in the ninth grade, Dr. Kip was part of the wrestling team. One day after warm-ups, he experienced pain. “I noticed that my neck really hurt. Within a few days, pain developed in my right arm as well.” Within a week, the pain became unbearable, so much so that Dr. Kip was unable to sit at a desk to do his homework and sleep through the night. He also found it difficult to hold his head upright and, of course, to wrestle.

Discovering Relief Through Chiropractic

Following his injury, Dr. Kip first took the traditional medical route with medications. They didn’t help and made him very sleepy. He then tried physical therapy but was still in pain. “My cousin had just married a chiropractor, so my dad said, ‘Why don’t we see Bill?'”

He had recently graduated from Chiropractic College, and Dr. Kip went to see him. “After my first visit, a warmth came over me and my neck, and I started to feel great! Feeling 80% better, I went back for two more visits and my problem was gone.”

Something I had struggled with for weeks, was gone due to chiropractic. From that moment, I knew that chiropractic would be my life long profession.”

Dr. Kip completed his undergraduate studies at Duquesne University and obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic from the National University of Health Sciences.
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Helping People Get Results

Dr. Kip is passionate about helping his patients who were not getting results from traditional chiropractic care. “I love to help those individuals by making them better and keeping them well.” He uses a variety of highly effective techniques that he learned in school. His patients love the new techniques that he uses, particularly the Impulse® adjuster, which help them feel better quicker.

To stay abreast of cutting-edge chiropractic solutions, Dr. Kip attends many classes and seminars. “Continuing education helps me fine-tune my approach.”

Staying Active in Cranberry Twp

When he’s not at the practice, this father of four loves spending time with his family and attends his children’s various sporting events. Dr. Kip enjoys being able to talk to other parents about the benefits of chiropractic. He served as the team chiropractor for one of his son’s college hockey and lacrosse teams. Always happy to volunteer his services to anyone who gets injured, Dr. Kip also enjoys giving his opinion about conditions and what people can do to find improvement.

He also likes walking, playing sports, hunting and archery. Dr. Kip is a member of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Society and the American Chiropractic Association.

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