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New Patients

Welcome to Siess Chiropractic Clinic, PC! We’re glad you’re here. Our friendly staff will make you feel right at home in our casual, yet always-professional, environment. Before you come in for the first visit we ask that you go to our website to print out and complete new patient paperwork and bring it in with you. Doing so will save valuable time. You also will be asked to sign a few forms in the office.

Chiropractor completing a chiropractic examination.

Dr. Kip will give you a thorough examination and then help determine the best course of treatment.

The First Visit

You can expect the following to take place at your initial visit:

  • A comprehensive examination, including history
  • X-rays, if necessary

Based on his findings from the exam and X-rays, if taken, Dr. Kip will be able to determine right then and there if he can help you. If he can’t, he’ll refer you to someone who can. If you are a good candidate for chiropractic care, he’ll also provide some form of treatment, but not an adjustment at this visit. If you have neck pain, Dr. Kip will give you a neck pain or function questionnaire. You would circle things you can do and things you can’t do. You’ll also indicate your pain level when you perform certain tasks. Plan to reserve 45 minutes to an hour for this appointment.
New Patient Forms


The Second Visit

At this visit, we will review your insurance benefits and tell what you’d be financially responsible for. We’ll talk about the short-terms goals of getting you out of pain and helping to increase range of motion. You’ll be informed about how many weeks it would take to reach your goals, and how many times a week Dr. Kip will need to see you. Then we’ll go over your long-term goals at that point. For example, maybe you’d like to be able to walk and play 18 holes of golf without low back pain. We’ll help you work up to 18 holes of golf pain-free. We’ll talk with patients to nail down these goals, and find out what their favorite thing is that they can’t do. Our primary focus is on getting you to do things that you’ve been unable to do.

Do I Have to Go for the Rest of My Life?

The short answer is no. Every patient is different. Some come once a year while others see us a few times a month. A lot depends on patients’ conditions, what their expectations are and what they want to get out of chiropractic. We offer patients three phases of care: relief, corrective and wellness. If you just want to get out of pain, Dr. Kip can help you. On the other hand, if you want to start an exercise program to keep pain from returning, he can make that happen too. If you’re looking to stay healthy, then wellness care is for you. We always give patients options and leave the decision up to them. Feel better than you have in years with natural chiropractic care. Schedule an appointment today!

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