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What if I Want To Try A Nature's Antidepressant!

When daylight hours decrease and winter rears its ugly head, I regularly find myself in a bad mood due to the loss of daylight hours. In this article you will find a few tips for improving your mood, minimizing depression and keeping yourself sane without antidepressants.

Do people need antidepressants on occasion?  Of course. However, I just received an email from my own health insurance company that they are now available from the online clinics from health professionals that read emails patients send them without ever meeting the person.  It amazes me that a doctor or nurse practitioner feels like they can adequately treat a patient with depression by writing prescriptions for brain altering drugs without even meeting the patient. Drugs, including antidepressants, should not be the first step for most patients. There are a lot of natural antidepressants that are frequently helpful.

The best natural antidepressant that we know of is exercise. If you are feeling anxious, sad or depressed, please do yourself a favor and exercise.  A study out of Harvard University found exercise to be just as effective and with longer lasting effects than Zoloft. On top of that, it was a study done with many different levels of depression among patients. Many of them had severe depression.

Another great natural antidepressants is sunlight. If you live in a northern climate that has short hours of sunlight and cloudy days and you notice yourself starting to feel a lack of energy or persistent sadness this time of year, I recommend a sunlight for your desk. I use SunTouch Plus Desk Light in my office. It helps a lot during the months of shortening daylight. Best $79 I have ever spent. When the days grow shorter, I sit in front of it for the first 20 minutes in my office while I answer emails.

Food can also aggravates depression. Sugar is the main culprit. If you are prone to depression, stay away from it. It causes highs and lows in your glucose metabolism and the peaks and valleys will bring you up quickly and down even faster. Also, it takes Vitamin B to process sugar. When you use up your Vitamin B to process sugar, you don’t have enough to regulate your moods.

If you follow these tips, you will feel much better. Also, if you are prone to depression find a psychologist or licensed mental health therapist you trust. It amazes me the stigma some people still feel about finding help this way. What could possibly be better than someone who is forced to listen to your problems and and spend 50 straight minutes only talking about you?

The bottom line is that if you are depressed, get help.  Changes in exercise, diet and activities can make a huge difference as well as identifying and dealing with your problems with the help of a psychologist.  Call us today…..(724)776-4855

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